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About Us

Our farmers' markets bring quality, nutritious, and locally grown foods to Hartford residents. Our goal is to inform the community of our SNAP Incentive programs that give more market money to buy fruits, vegetables from local vendors.


Our five markets accept SNAP/EBT at the market manager's table and give you double the farmers market money that you swiped for. You can then use your SNAP and the additional market money to buy fruits, vegetables, and take home food from local vendors. A little goes a long way at our markets when you use SNAP!


I love going to the farmers market because I get fresh produce and can buy more when I use my food stamps (EBT/SNAP)

Maria, Park Street resident

Me encanta ir al mercado de agricultores porque obtengo productos frescos y puedo comprar más cuando uso mis cupones de alimentos (EBT/SNAP)

María, residente de Calle Park

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