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What's In A Farmers' Market? Love

Farmers’ Markets are something like a mixture of a grocery store, a carnival, a food truck festival, with a sprinkle of picnic. They are community events that turn empty green areas and parking lots into summer food carnivals. From the market managers, vendors, shoppers and the neighborhoods who host these love fests dedicated to food it not only takes a community to raise it, but to keep alive.

Farmers’ Markets begin with farmers, chefs, and crafters. They work the lands, perfect their recipes, and collect the best materials all year long to deliver quality products to your hands. They work day in and day out perfecting ways to bring you their produce and products from all across Connecticut.

Our market managers, paid and volunteer,are motivated to bring good food to your neighborhood and work hard to collect vendors. They are detailed oriented people who balance vendor requests, state requirements, and customer satisfaction. With you in mind, they plan family events, musical performances, and festivals all summer long. Let’s not forget, that their backed by organizations who want to give back to the community and not profit from it.

And then there is you, the people who s visit, shop, eat at and love the market. Every week you give vendors a reason to come, the neighborhood a place to go to, and the market the atmosphere of community it wants to build.

A Farmer’s Market is really an explosion of food and community; a labor of love.

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