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Farms: Hartford Has Them

Farmers' are at the heart of a farmers' market because without them we wouldn't be able to bring Hartford fresh fruits and veggies. They typically come one hour before the market and set up stands showcasing what they picked from their farms in the last day.

One of our favorite past times here at Oh SNAP! Hartford, aside from spreading the word that we double SNAP, is talking to farmers and learning about their produce. In the process we met Derrick Bedward who grows in Hartford through Knox Inc. incubator program; he calls his business Red, Yellow, Green. He enthusiastically mentioned that many people in Hartford come for his callaloo. Callaloo is a staple of Jamaican cuisine and is popular in the Caribbean. Imagine our surprise to find this very local farmer, growing very tropical food. We were even more excited when Derrick invited us to check out his crops and to do a video showcasing how to prep callaloo.

We drove a total of three minutes down the street and around the corner and met Derrick in his fields in the heart of Hartford on Laurel Street. We couldn't believe that in the middle of our city was an oasis of edible greens.

Derrick grows Laurel Street in Hartford, CT. Here he is with his corn.

He walked us through his fields and his growing area inside of the green house. We saw his growing practices, ate his cherry tomatoes, and learned about his seeding practices. Derrick has a giant callaloo plant that he uses for the purpose of acquiring seeds. He knows his plants in and out, from the very beginning to the end.

It was an enlightening experience that taught us more than we could ever hope to learn about our own city, the people who feed it and the food we buy. We know where our food comes from, do you? Buy local. Support local farmers. Buy at farmers' markets. We will see you at ours!

Check out Derrick Bedward here:

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