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A Berry Short Story - The West End Farmers' Market Strawberry Shortcake Festival ​

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There were clear blue skies Tuesday, June 21st the air was muggy and hot, with a small breeze here and there, it was the definition of what the perfect 1st day of summer should be in CT. For some reason today

was just going to be a good day once you pulled up to Clemens Green where the West End Civic Association hosted their weekly West End Farmers' Market on 385 Farmington Avenue from 4-7.


What made today out of all days so special? Thanks to WECA, the Asylum Hill and West End communities along with surrounding neighborhoods joined together to celebrate the first day of summer with the annual Strawberry Shortcake festival. The festival is a celebration done every year to thank the community and to welcome summer.

So what went on during the Strawberry Shortcake Festival? Food, Music and Fun! WECA along with Nora's cupcakes were giving away free strawberry shortcakes and strawberry cupcakes to the community. There were vendors such as Bio Essential Greens, Sweet Acre Farms, Copper Hill Farm, and Rose's Berry Farm who had rows of fresh sweet smelling strawberries for purchase. These vendors also accept SNAP formally known as food stamps and the West End Farmers' market matches dollar for dollar with no limit on how much you can spend!


People of all ages surrounded Clemens Green enjoying Italian ice from Chet's Italian Ice, complimentary strawberry shortcake, refreshing drinks and good food like freshly made chicharrones that crackled and popped from guest food truck vendor Mercado. Some people could be spotted hanging out in the shade eating and chatting with family and friends. At around 5:30pm a small gathering of people eventually turned into a band with trumpets, drums, cymbals and much more and who would of thought that it was the Hartford Hot Several Brass Band getting ready to jam ! They marched up to the center of where the vendors were located and entertained the community with their funky sounds and cool energy.

There was something for everyone to enjoy at the Strawberry Shortcake festival and it's safe to say that everyone left home with big strawberry smiles!


The West End Farmers' Market is hosted by the West End Civic Association. It is located on 385 Farmington Avenue and goes on every Tuesday June- September from 4-7 and 3-6 in October.

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