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Farmers' Market Season Begins

What time is it? It's the most wonderful time of the year! June came packing a punch of red tomatoes, purple asparagus, bright green lettuces, and vibrant turnips. The air is filled with chatter, dirt and the sweet smell of locally grown and made food. Yum! The last farmers' market in Hartford that accepts EBT/SNAP and doubles it opens up next Wednesday, June 28th at 10:00 AM and we could not be any more excited.

Here is a list of Helpful tips to ensure you have a successful market day:

-Wear comfortable shoes. Some of our markets are set on soft, and sometimes wet, grass.

-Bring your own bags. Some vendors have them, some don't. You are always better off bringing your own.

-Bring the sunscreen,

-Pack a picnic blanket.

- Ask farmers if they grow anything else. Who knows? They may grow your favorite type of foods, but don't bring them in unless asked.

-Think about what you'd like to ask the farmers.

-Consider bringing cash, debit or credit in addition to your EBT card if you want to buy some food from food trucks.

-Check out what vendors are at the market on that day either on the market Facebook or by calling them!

-Check what's in season in Connecticut.

-Always know where the Market Manager's table is and don't be afraid to ask them questions!

Stay tune for what's in store this year and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ohsnaphartford. See you at the markets.

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