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“Take Pride In Your Front Porch”: Meet Shana Smith, North End Farmers’ Market New Manager

The North End Farmers’ Market has a new manager and it comes in the form of a super packed punch of personality and a whole lot of heart. Shana Smith is on a mission to not only make her farmers’ market the best it has ever been, but to bring her community the love and resources it deserves. I sat down with her recently for a mind-blowing interview.

Shana is a long time Hartford resident of the north end whose parents instilled in her accountability to the community and city that raised her.Her mother would often say "Take pride in your front porch." With inlfuences like this, it was only logical that after she graduated from Johnson C. Smith she returned home. A former city of Hartford employee turned Farmers’ Market fanatic and manager, I was curious to know what had driven her to this work.

Shana jumped at the opportunity to work for Hartford Food Systems as their new market manage. She sees farmers’ markets as community events with the purpose of providing access to fresh food to local communities and is excited for what this means for her north end. She loves the variety of foods found in markets, the opportunity to get to know vegetables she never saw before, and to see others engulfed in the joy of learning and exploration.


Shana Smith’s favorite market finds? Bok Choy! The leafy green has so many health benefits and vitamins and it taste great!


A creative soul with a knack for crocheting, party decorating and planning Shana hopes to make this years farmers’ market your weekly Wednesday community hang out spot. With plans for adding more vendors, bringing live music, engaging local community organizations, and providing a welcoming environment to SNAP/EBT users she wants to make sure that everyone knows this is a place for them.

What can we expect at her market? Food, natural soaps, fresh produce, and a lot of love so go check her out on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM beginning June 29th.

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