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Get Market Pass, Visit Markets, Collect Stamps, Win $40.00 of Groceries


This week is National Farmers' Week and here at Oh SNAP! Hartford we couldn't be more excited. Our markets have come together to launch the MARKET PASS. What is the MARKET PASS? It is a pink pass with the four locations printed on the back. Bring this pass to 3 out of the 4 farmers' markets, one per day, and collect stamps. Once you have collected three stamps, write your name and contact information on it and turn it in. We will then do a facebook live/instagram video to pick the winner of $40.00 worth of market groceries.

Where Can I Pick One Up?

You can pick one up at the West End Farmers' Market from 4-7 this Tuesday 08/08/2017 on 385 Farmington Avenue in Hartford, CT. If we have extra passes we will be giving out a limited number of passes at the North End Farmers' Market at 80 Coventry Street on Wednesday 08/09/2017.

Where Can I Drop Them Off?

You can drop off a pass at the Farmers' Market At Billings Forge on Broad Street from 11-2pm


Must collect 3 out 4 farmers' market stamps.

Must drop off at the Farmers' Market at Billings Forge on Thursday 11-2.

Name and contact information must be submitted(contact information wont be kept or stored or used for any other purpose then to call winner).

Open to all people.

Must be able to then pick up the prize on a coordinated day.

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